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Friday, January 11, 2008

Life Expectancy

There is but one thing we can count on. At some point in time, all things must change. I remember the album, "The Dude," by Quincy Jones on which he produced a song titled, "Everything Must Change." The lyrics were true to life mentioning "The young become the old," "Mysteries do unfold," "The humming bird will sing," "The winter turns to spring," "The wounded heart will heal, but that's the way of time, yes, nothing and no one goes unchanged."

There are not many things in life we can be sure of. But, the many things in life hold one common relationship. They all must change.

My question to you is, "What do you expect?"

Do you expect things to change for the better? Or do things seem to be getting worse as time goes on? In either case, believe it or not, what you do significantly affects whether your future will change positively or negatively.

Someone said once, "You get what you look for." If you expect to find the negative, or the positive, love, or hate, despair or prosperity, "You will."

What is your life's expectancy?

Monday, January 7, 2008

Power in your words

Good day!
Do you know there is power in your words?

To activate the most powerful words simply Praise GOD for what you have. Look inside you, look around you. Be thankful for all things good. Praise God alone, outloud, and written for them. God will reward you for your praise, lifting you out of any possible depression, giving you more of the things you like and desire, as you praise Him for them. The concentrated power is in your thoughts. Focus them, and you focus your results. Now Please share this:

Tony Dollars

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Make GOOD better for you!

Think of all those things that have been good to you.
Think of all those things that could have harmed you, but didn't.
Think of all those bills, that are already paid.
Think of the progress that is already made.
Think of the things you can do, well.
Think of how you did not walk on a four inch nail.
Think of that special smile you saw in the last few days,
Then think of all the wonderful possibilties for 2008.

Now transfer those good feelings into seeing the good you want to happen, and decide "It is a far better choice to "Make my GOOD better for all!"