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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Understanding True Love

“What Is Love?”
Years ago one writer posted that the power as being so strong that it deserves to be called God. Many years later Dr. Deepak Chopra called it, "The Unifying Field." 1st John 4:16 will help you see the relationship and how purposeful it is to know how 'True Love' accepts, forgives, and start each day a new. That is the nature of True Love.
Growth occurs when attention is placed on our needs, desires, passions and actions. With "Compassion Glasses" on, we know from divine research what is needed. So let us understand “What Love Is.”
"Those who live in love live in him and he also live in us."We are then to allow Love to be seen through us, not thinking we can be perfect, but we can be forgiving, and apologetic...We can be giving and appreciative...We can be optimistic and faithfully walking into the new possibilities. To sum it up, “Love simply takes care of our wholeness." In Love I know iAM correct in concluding Love is T.G.C.O., “Taking Good Care Of”... those people and things in our surroundings... ASKING FORGIVENESS WHEN WE HAVE WRONGED, AND GIVING OUR BEST WHEN WE HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY. Love is the core, the essence, the functional existence of Compassion?
To serve others is TRUE LOVE