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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Gentleman and the Butterfly

Thursday, March 27, 2014

This Is A Private Conversation

Can you honestly say you have never walked in, or passed a crowd, or group of people and thought, "I wonder if they're talking about me?"

I would like to know how it's possible to manage never having that thought. We all know, "It happens." There is another sad reality to this phenomena. You could possibly be one of the people in the crowd or the group that's doing the talking about the person walking past.

The incriminating question is, does what you say about this person lift them up, or tear them down when you're discussing them in front of their face? 

The truth is politics, corporations, small and large businesses, factories, farms, churches, families and any other place participates in the process of speaking of others while they're not around. When it's you, ask yourself, "Is this something I can talk to that person about?" If your answer is no, chance are, you are wasting precious thought. If you are not willing to address them with the issue, or compliment them on their goodness, why even spend your precious mind space on it.

Another truth, you never know when you could be entertaining an angel, and the good that could come out of the attention to the tiny detail of making a compassionate choice could yield much more benefit to you than you could imagine possible. Now. Take a breath, reset your thoughts, and enjoy this clip from the movie, Michael, a 1996 American film directed by Nora Ephron. The film stars John Travolta as the Archangel Michael.
May the rest of your year be a compassionately great one!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Seek First to Serve - Satisfaction is a Byproduct

You'll notice in the comments of this post, that we never really started out to just, 'play basketball.' It was all about teaching my wife the game. Once she started learning to play she suggested, "Let's make this a part of our exercise routine." We lost more weight outside, in the sun, running up and down the basketball court, her rim on one end, mine on the other, than we have doing anything else, outside of eating clean. She even has a food plan and charts for that. In my seek first to serve - satisfaction has surely been the byproduct.