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Saturday, February 23, 2008


Planting a seed is a wonderful thing.

It's pretty much like starting college, getting a new job, opening a business, raising a child, cultivating a relationship, acquiring new knowledge, or getting deeper in spiritual awareness. They all take precious time, must be specially nurtured, and suffer when there is a lack of attention.

A spirit of compassion is preeminent in ushering in the best possible results in either case. At times, I am sure we have made a mistake or two, or three, (thousand). Our creator could have acted without compassion during those times we forgot ours.

Were you at a lost for words when the window clerk got your order wrong at the chicken eatery? Did you not want to ram your car past the line of traffic in anger when you were pressed for time on the way to work? Oops, I forgot, you forgot to remember your compassion during those times.

What about when the little person wanted to wash your car windows, or pump your gas? You could have expressed how important it is to get an education, pointing out the amount of money earned may depend on the amount of education obtained in their time of employment. You could have given them a dollar to promise they will pursue a good education. Instead, you told them you did not have time. The funny part is, when you reached your destination, you were early.

Anything you do repeatedly becomes a habit.

Why not use those trying times to practice compassion.

Just as a doctor practices, a habit of healing may grow on you.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Have you ever thought of yourself as the container?

Walk through the isles of the grocery store. Just about everything you will purchase is in a container. There is an average height to each category. Most weight varies, again, according to categories they average out.

How many different products can you purchase in a grocery? How many variations of these products are there?

If the old saying is true, �Strength comes in numbers,� then if a company has a good variety of products you like, you will pretty much stick with them. Am I right?

Human nature desires to be treated fairly, to get what is expected, and to enjoy it once we have it.

The strength in numbers theme is exactly right when it comes to humans and compassion.

There are many variations of humans. The more humans that are of the same brand the more that brand has to offer society.

Our company founder and C.E.O. wants to buy you out. His purchase plan is True Love. The service satisfies your deepest needs. The benefits extends to eternity. Your contract is simply compassionate behavior.

He has an unbroken standing record of the most satisfied customers, the happiest managers, and the most enthusiastic workers। The administrative staff has never changed. I think you�ll like them, but you�ll have to get to know them for yourself. You can read about them in the bible.

Come on over.

Don�t forget to Write Your Progress Plan!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Pay it Forward"

In the earlier posting a wonderful friend of mine from school mentioned, "Pay it forward."

This is a wonderful movie! It brought tears to my eyes.

It is a movie that, in my view point the world needs to see! A strong understanding of. "Don't wait until it's done for you before you do it for others," concerning random compassionate acts of kindness are what we need to paste or staple on to the fabric of society.

This action of giving unrequested kindness only happens after you have something to give.

This series of postings from February 14, 2008 to now, are what we will focus on concerning gathering, growing our own crops, so that we will have abundance in our store house to "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Please see the vision,
write it down,
and lets continue to help each other grow.

In the mighty power of Compassion,
Tony Dollars

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

National Kindness Week

This week, you must be unusually kind to people you know and meet.

Question: is that kindness transferable into the next week?

Last week I asked you to prepare yourself to be lifted up. It is so in line with National Kindness Week. Being kind to yourself is the first good thing you should do.

Questions to Consider:

  • Where, are you currently positioned?
    Employee - Self-employed - Business owner - Investor
  • What are your DREAMS to change your position?
    What does being financially free mean to you? What do you want to be, do, and have? What would you be doing with your time and resources as you acquire your dreams?
  • What are your GOALS
    Write what you will accomplish in 6 to 12 months? How much cash will you make on monthly basis from your acted plans?
    Identify what is slowing you down, or holding you back. Will you achieve your dreams if you keep doing what you’re doing now?
    Are you losing money by missing opportunities? How do the road blocks affect your relationships? How do the negative consequences of those roadblocks make you feel? Are you ready to change? Are you ready to commit your time, energy, and resources to achieve your dreams?
  • When you have taken the time to think through and respond to the previous items, please answer the following questions, in a simple sentence or two:

    · Why do I want these dreams? Why are they important to me?
    · Why am I waiting to write my future?
    · How will writing my vision help me?

    Reminder: The pleasure of our creator is that we be lifted up to a higher place. As you write your plan, you are acting out one of the kindest acts for your time.

    In return I will outline a plan structure here that should help you get going, as it makes it easier to facilitate.

    Please stick to visiting here daily. I will watch for your comments and requests, and answer accordingly. Hopefully I will post something that will help you build your vision to the place it needs to be.

    The next step is in you, write it down.

    In the Mighty Power of Compassion,