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Friday, December 28, 2007

Welcome to the Compassion Network

Thank you for clicking in. Here you will learn the C.N. mission and connect with other Compassion Network members. It is important that you click here daily, or as often as you can. Because compassion is our mission, we should always check to know when someone needs compassion...

"It could be you."


graceful38 said...

What an unusual and unique site! Whoever thought of this kind of site must literally have a heart for others. I personally have a compassionate spirit. I try to place myself in others shoes becuase just like the creator of this site stated "it could be you". With that said, ask God to break your heart others. Having a sincere concern for each other and not always thinking of self is what its all about. Be Blessed!

Tony Dollars said...

I am truly grateful that you have left these words of encouragement here. My heart is broken for thhose in need. My life is committed to filling those needs. God bless you.

In His Love,