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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Life Application:

What Is Compassion?
We had offered you a poll to learn your thoughts and feelings toward those things you feel are important. What is important to you? We have learned an already obvious lesson. What is important to one person may be far from what is important to another.

The lesson goes much deeper than that surface derivative we found here. The deeper lesson says, “A majority of people do not have the same definition for what they feel should be simple to understand.” Which deepens the lesson still, into the fact that communication assumptions made to target certain expectations, but miss the mark, end many times causing confusion, and even discontentment. That end is the ingredient for arguments.

Out right wanting control over another is one sure way to arguments. But simple missed communication from good intentions should be looked at from a deeper, heart felt perspective.

From the poll we asked: “WHAT IS OUR MOST POWERFUL TOOL?"
You answered:
1. Money: 2 (8%)2. Intimate commitment: 12 (50%)
3. Leadership: 3 (12%) Control over others: 0 (0%)
4. Credit score: 0 (0%)5. Concern for others in action: 7 (29%) (this is not a military question).

When we placed the word tool in this poll, we meant it to say, “What are the strongest things we have available that allow us to adjust life’s results to obtain the best optimistic outcomes?”
A tool: a wrench, an eyebrow pencil, a remote control, a mailbox, these are all tools, things we use.
Had I taken the time to explain even more I would love to have seen the different results. It is very important to get your feed back.

Maybe I should let you know that what you say here will have an effect on millions of people within the next 365 days as my publisher releases the book to the same effect.

These answers will not be there, but they open understanding as to how a majority of people think and feel about these matters. Knowing this provide us with the opportunity to give you better options, better product, and better information.

I want to stay right here on this subject over the next few days to read your comments. Please do what ever it takes to get in and share your comment. What you say is going to make a difference in what happens in society and how society will change over the next ten years.
Again, your thoughts are important.
Please share them.
Take care,

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