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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Birthday Greetings

WOW! Another year to celebrate! Another year to be thankful for!
Another year to hope for the highest and work to achieve it!

God is good and his mercy is ever lasting. 'King David'
Speak those things as though they were. 'Paul'
Faith without works is dead. 'James'
Those who live in love live in God and God lives in you. 1 John 4:16

Today is my celebration of birth day. This is the day that I look forward to each year. I look at my life in retrospect to measure progress I have made, and the benefit I have been to others.

One year I was blessed to watch a documentary of Dr. Martin Luther King.
Dr. King was sharing a plan, starting a new organization. The video crew had prepared a chocolate cup cake with one burning candle placed in the center. As the camera man filmed the walk, the picture was of the cup cake leading the way down the hall. The camera stopped at a closed door to the room in which Dr. King was working. A hand reached in front of the camera and knocked on the door.

Dr. King opened the door with a chalk stick in his hand. Diagrams were shown on the blackboard. The camera scanned the room of approximately five people. It was his birthday.

Looking at the cup cake, then up at the camera man, Dr. King smiled then said seriously, "I told you all not to do that. I don't need this. But thank you so much!" He took the cake, placed it on the table, and went back to work.

The videographer closed the door and explained, Dr. King had warned them he was convinced that partying simply wastes time that could be used for progress. He said as wonderful gifts, he would appreciate any work accomplished toward making progress with plans that have been established. His perscription to celebrate his birthday was planned and executed progress.

Today I ask you. Please consider these words. If you desire to join in my birthday celebration, please be effective in some area that has been planned, discussed, or established. Make progress.
In that way you will be a blessing.

Thank you so much for reading these blogs!

May God bless you to move forward.


SCAMOS said...

Happy Birthday Cousin

Compassion is a wonderful thing
Always sharing with our fellow man
Remembering God in all that we do
Loving our neighbors, being true
One can make change if we try
Sharing love till the day we die

Nancy E said...


May the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus who is the Christ bless you today on your birthday and always. Thanks for blessing me as I am sure you bless others with your words of encouragement. Until

Tony Dollars said...

Today has been a wonderful day.

There are times when we can see life as it is and allow ourselves to stay in the rute that it makes us feel we are in.

Then there are times we can hear from those we love, and if we allow ourselves to be lifted up, the rut remains down there and we float above the hurt and pain that could remain.

Thank you for your kind words on this day of peace and presure to conform.

Mine is just to relax after the work is done.