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Thursday, February 14, 2008


There are many memories that are associated with this day.

Can I ask you to do me a favor?

Back when America was in its' personal development stage, families worked together creating their own businesses, farms, and services. These were entities unique to each individual family. Those businesses, farms and service they developed created a value with an identity all its' own. If you wanted ‘Ice Cream,’ you would go visit the Borden family. If you wanted a ‘package’ delivered, you would call Mr. Jim Casey. If you wanted sausage, you would pick up a package of ‘Jimmy Dean.’ (I had to bring it up to date for some of you.)

What is it about you, or your family that other people could use?

Remember; in an earlier post, I wrote about Mr. Johnson, of Johnson and Johnson products? He said, “Develop a product or service people need. Then make it easy for them to get it. Pretty soon you will be making more money than you can count.” That’s what these people did.

My request is this. I would like you to spend the following four days creating a vision with a value excusive to you and your family. Look back at some of the businesses and services that were molded into the time of the past. See if one looks like it could be carved into your vision.

Take a pad with you where ever you go, (especially to church, that's the place we all should take notes!). Write down your bits and pieces of ideas. Place the general need in the blog, or simply acknowledge that you have created some writings you feel enthusiastic about.

The key thought is, “You must be compassionate in your creation, thinking of how it will help others.”

I will write more on this as I get more comments on the subject.

Get creative in helping people help you.

Show people you love them.

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