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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hidden Social Crime

A team of researchers and myself conducted a study of the world wide social fabric. Our research uncovered a social crime perpetuated daily in the public. This crime is acted out many times during the day. It affects close to half of the world's population, (most all American’s). Unaware, most look into the direction of the crime, many times directly into its face as if it were not there. This invisible crime results when one looks at this crime from the surface. It does not look to be a crime at all. This crime poses as a constitutional right. The behavior is described in the ebook, "The Science of Getting Rich," with the focus on money, not character, and creates a destructive effect:

The Crime:
Directly, young people are being trained to kill, beat, or hurt each other right under our noses. This crime is promoted as "Freedom of Choice." The crime is impressionistic bane. It is perpetuated on unsuspecting prey and indigenous regions of the United States and the world. This crime is initiated proactively, directly placed in suggestive entertaining material. It is perpetuated as a ‘feel-good’ response.
To simplify: Again, young people are being trained to kill, beat, or hurt each other daily. As a school teacher, this concept is easy for me to see, but the general population will look at it and see nothing wrong.

The process of unsuspected training through the repetition of popular entertainment is the undocumented crime. No, the governments do not acknowledge it as a crime. Only the affects after the behavior of the prey presents the crime. But by this time it is too late. They have already been programmed.

Because entertainment sales were unprofitable in 1927, the entertainment industry discovered and implemented the process of programming.

This process was utilized in creating commercials for product to place on the radio, causing listeners to develop a habit of thinking about the product. As the consumer passed the item in the store isles that had been advertised on the radio, the consumers desire to have it, or do what was announced would take precedence over original reasons the person may have entered the store. They would then pick it up, buy it, and use it. Pavlov proved this theory in his dog/bell experiment.

To this day, we go in a store for one thing, and come out with others.
When young people hear entertainment, they want to be like what they are hearing. "Belief (faith) comes by hearing." Unaware of the psychological effects, those who are void of this knowledge may say, “Oh, stop worrying, its nothing but harmless fun.” All the while their child is being programmed to think in the way of the entertainment he or she is hearing. Anything repeated to the psyche becomes a means of thought process.

After 80 years of entertainment industry perfection, programming has become the tool of choice for product developers, service providers, fleshly enticers, and politicians. The thought of “subliminal” programming is not invisible. It is out right and viewable, listenable, touchable, and doable.

The good thing is, the same tools can be used for good. Just listen to some good Christian music. Do you feel it? Can you see yourself uplifted, and meshing through the words? The fact is, if you are not over 80 years of age, you do not make choices without the influence of programming, (repetitive entertainment). Comment here: Join the movement.

This crime is so effective that it causes its victims to reject help they can use to avoid or over come attacks. The feel-good response is admittedly attractive to prey, thus it seduces prey to repeat it, making it easy to become habitual. As a result, the crime is self perpetuating, creating itself in more and more families, communities, and family extensions.

These facts remain, yet you, your family, and mine remain unaware of the dangers, and are affected daily. The statistics tell us that when it began more than 20 years ago it was ignored. Now it generates over $10 billion dollars each year. Its actual customer base is estimated at approximately 45 million between the ages of 13 and 42. This group is estimated to have a $1 trillion in spending power.

The best defense is an established developmental way of life. Tell us how to best direct our efforts to lead the way for young people to begin to live a new developmental way of life. Brainstorming possible ways of a new way of life for the affected in the beginning of the solution. Your assistance in brainstorming is needed. Because of the nature of this crime, there will be no threat to you as a result of joining the list. As we are aware of this crime, we do not want to directly place it in general public awareness. That will simply cause the culprits to redirect usage, before we can cause an effect. In effect, we need you to join the effort as a list of mental directors of our efforts RecordSongs is in place to help the young people redirect themselves to positive personal development. Look for yourself at: Encourage a young person to help redirect negative thinking by promoting their positive music. Artists are encouraged to submit their positive music at

Your words alone can help. Do more, read about the movement and join in taking new compassion action...

A powerful list of mental mentors will result from your posts on this site:
The more post the more effective the solution will be here and .

Your posts should contain 2 things:
1. Your opinion, and
2. The level of commitment you place on developing solutions.

Please do not minimize the value of the transfer of this information. Share this blog. Allow friends and family members to make their own choice to join. Send the link to this message to as many that are in your contacts folder. The new way of life will begin as multiple responses, mass numbers of people will begin to carry this message, living the new way of compassion at the same time, crowding out the 'hidden crime.'

The process is to surround the problem with opposing views repetitively. The expected outcome is to redirect the addiction from self destruction, switching behavior to personal development. The more participants involved in the new way, the more re-creations of this crime that can be stopped and reformed.

Thank you, and be encouraged, with your help, there will be a stop put to this crime.
Watch the report on "The Shift," then hit the 'back' button to return here and post your comment...


Sue J said...

Tony--Thanks for stopping by my blog. I honestly had no idea who Joyce Meyers was before you mentioned her. I really don't know what she has to say about love. What I do know is that you quote some very consistent Scripture about God and love and how they are one, and that's good.

A lot of folks can get wrapped up in what one particular translation or paraphrase of the Bible says. I think it's best to tune in to the Spirit when you read any Bible....really, no matter what you're doing!

Tony Dollars said...

Thank you for you comment Sue! You are so right. I always say, "I am not religious, I am spiritual." More youth friendly I feel the book, CONSUMINE DESIRE will address that issue for many young ladies who are still trying to figure it out.
You are a very wise woman.
Take care,
Tony Dollars

Sarah said...

I couldn't agree more. A prime example is the 'Gymnastics Supestar' program I gathered my family to watch last weekend. My husband, myself (a former gymnast) and my two daughters hoovered over the television set to watch the US gymnasts compete this summer at the olympics. So we were excited to see a continuation. Without any warning this program was NOT covertly suggestive and provacative it was overt! These "babies", these US heroines were scantily clad, swaggering their bodies and using sex to sell somebody's merchandise and fill pocketbooks.
It WAS a social crime to see something so pure and wholesomely entertaining be contorted into suggestive entertainment. And the crime was evident on the faces of my young children. They were shocked, but without the interference of their opinionated outspoken mother :) that exposure can develop a thought process.
Maybe I'm simple-minded, but the sheer physics and raw talent and dilegent training it requires to catapult oneself in controlled force is amazing enough in itself. To represent the US in foreign nations. That is entertaining and riveting, but I guess there isn't much money in it?

Sarah said...

i couldn't agree more. i think watching the 'gymnastics superstar' program is a prime example.
my husband, myself (a former gymnast) and my two young daughters hoovered over our tv to watch the gymnast this summer in the olympics. so we were excited to watch this "continuation". without any warning this program was not covertly suggestive & provacative but overt! these "babies",these US heroines were scantily clad, swaggering their bodies and using sex to sell somebody else's merchandise and fill pocketbooks.
it WAS a social crime to see something so wholesomely entertaining contorted into such suggestive material.
the crime was evident on the faces of my young children. they were shocked and without the interference of their opinionated and outspoken mother I believe that kind of programing will certainly develop thinking patterns (which leads to behaviors).
we turned the program off. but i have caught my oldest daughter swaggering down the stairs more than once mimicking what she saw these girls doing.
i may be simple-minded, but i find the sheer physics and raw talent of catapulting oneself in a controlled force to be riveting. i find rooting for a representative of the US in a foreign country entertaining. but i guess there isn't any money in it?

Tony Dollars said...

Please stay connected Sarah. Something will be done, soon, and we will be the ones to do it.